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To and Across Canada

Copyright © 2003, 2010 by David E. Ross

Early in 2003, with retirement approaching, I decided my wife Evelyn and I should travel to Canada that summer, to visit our daughter Heather and see her new home in Saskatoon. Evelyn was thrilled with this idea, especially the part about visiting Heather. Here is my travel diary along with some notes from Evelyn's diary.

For several reasons, we chose to make the trip by train. First of all, Evelyn is easily afflicted by motion sickness. The less she flies, the better. Evelyn especially wants to minimize take-offs and landings, but traveling to Saskatoon by air would require at least one change of planes in each direction. Also, traveling by train would allow us to stop and visit various cities along the route. Finally, the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies is best appreciated from the ground.

As you browse these pages, you will see some thumbnail images. Each thumbnail is a link to a page of full-size photos with captions. Just select a thumbnail to see the photos. I chose this method of putting photos on these pages because the images are quite large and 10%-20% of users in the U.S. still access the Internet via dial-up modems with at most 56 Kbps download speed. (Including the thumbnails, there are over 3 MB of photographs on this Web site.) The photo pages are best viewed with your browser window maximized; otherwise, right-left scrolling might be necessary on some pages.

Of course, we took many more photographs than you will see here — approximately 500. I selected only a few to include on this Web site. Note that — except where specifically stated to the contrary — all photographs in this Web site (including thumbnails) were taken by either me, Evelyn, our daughter Heather, or a kind stranger using our camera and are covered by my copyright.

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We planned a trip. We got an adventure.

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