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Cooking with David

Handling Fresh Jalapeño and Other Hot Peppers

Copyright © 2013 by David E. Ross

Note well: When cutting and cleaning a jalapeño pepper — or any other pepper except for the most mild — wear rubber or plastic gloves or use a fork or tongs to hold the pepper while slicing and cleaning it. Also be careful about touching the knife or cutting board after slicing the pepper. I strongly suggest the use of a plastic or other non-porous cutting board so that all juices from the pepper can be cleaned away.

Although I held a jalapeño pepper at arms length the first time I used one, I could taste it and my throat began to burn as soon as I touched the seeds. Although I washed my hands thoroughly twice, my eyes began to burn when I later touched my face. The seeds and partitions contain most of the "fire", but even the shell can be potent until cooked.

Some time later, I held a jalapeño with a fork while cutting and cleaning it. When I cut into it, however, it squirted a small drop of juice onto the back of my hand. I was coughing and my nose ran for about 15 minutes.

31 July 2013