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Cooking with David

Olive Oil

Copyright © 2006, 2021 by David E. Ross

When frying or sautéing, I generally use olive oil. I also use it in place of butter or margarine on toast, something with which my wife does not agree. Of course, salad dressings should be made with olive oil. Not only does it taste good, but it's also good for my heart. This frequent use of olive oil might be why my cholesterol count is below 170.

No, I do not buy olive oil the way I buy wine. I do not pay outrageous prices for oil from a particular orchard on the west slope of some cutely named hill. I buy the house brand of oil at the local grocery. But I do always buy extra virgin oil.

Of course, for baking cookies or cakes, my wife uses vegetable shortening or oil without any flavor.

By the way, if you want to fry something in butter, add some olive oil to the pan. It helps to prevent the butter from burning.

29 October 2006
Updated 30 April 2021

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