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On this Web page (and on some of my other pages), I use certain technical terms that appear as links to their definitions. If you select any of those links, the page of definitions will appear in a separate browser window so that you will not have to keep going back and forth between pages. Once the window with the definitions has opened, selecting a link for a different term will reposition the definitions to that term. However, if that window was in the background when the link was selected, it will remain in the background. In that case, you merely need to bring the definitions widow forward.

Late in 2002, my daughter registered the domain as a gift to me. At the time, I thought it was a very nice gesture but not really necessary. Through the years, however, it has proven very useful; and I truly appreciate it more and more.

Since 2002, I have changed ISPs three or four times. Each time, my domain has left the old ISP and been hosted by the new ISP. This means that I never had to notify anyone about changing my E-mail address. My E-mail address never changed! Also, I was able to move my Web pages to the new ISP without having to change any of the URIs. When I changed ISPs, anyone who had my E-mail address in their address book or a bookmark to one of my Web pages did not have to change it.

Some ISPs do not like users having personal domains. When I first obtained a broadband Internet connection with Time Warner Cable (one of the changed ISPs), they insisted my E-mail address use the domain Since Time Warner Cable also imposed a complicated set of policies and procedures for maintaining my Web site, I located a small, regional ISP — — to host my E-mail and Web site. imposes no restriction on my use of a personal domain and does not control what I put in my Web pages or how I update them, but cannot provide broadband support where I live. Thus, I now have two ISPs. I do not know whether Spectrum — which bought Time Warner Cable — continues the latter's policies and procedures. I do keep a E-mail addres as a backup for my address.

I renew my domain annually through Omnis Network. I chose that service because:

The above reflects the most important reason why I endorse having a personal domain. I may add more information in the future. In the meantime, if you wish to send me an E-mail message, see my Send Me E-Mail.

30 August 2020

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