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Privacy Statement

Copyright © 2001, 2005, 2010, 2012, 2017 by David E. Ross

My Web pages do not set or use cookies.

My Web pages do not request any information from you. Any information you provide would be via conventional E-mail, for which different privacy rules might apply.

Your input to my search page is entirely voluntary. The operation of that page is through an external Web site over which I have no control. While that external site provides me with logs of searches, those logs do NOT identify you.

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Use of a blank UA string is contrary to RFC 1945 (§10.15) and other RFCs. If you use a blank UA string when visiting my Web site, I will report that fact to your ISP with the date-time stamp of the visit, your IP address, the URI of the Web page from which that visit originated, and the URI of my Web page that was visited. I believe your ISP can determine your identity from the information I supply.

Some might consider this a privacy violation, but I am merely reporting Internet abuse.

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My Web hosting service does log visits to my Web pages. On occasion, I examine those logs but only to determine what user agents (UAs) visited my pages.

Note: Many of my Web pages have links to external Web pages over which I have no control. While I might evaluate the privacy provided by those external pages, that is for my own personal use. I will not confirm or deny any assertions made in those pages regarding their collection, handling, and distribution of personal information. Thus, this Privacy Statement cannot possibly apply to those external Web pages.

If you are truly concerned about privacy:

Updated 28 April 2017

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