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To and Across Canada

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

I overheard a local resident telling a visiting friend that this was the middle of the best four-week period for viewing the Gardens.

(see caption)

The Gardens were created in an old rock quarry.
This is a view from part-way down the wall of the quarry, looking down into the chasm.


Dwarf dahlias blooming in front of rhododendrons.


Masses of yellow marigolds among other flowers.


Hydrangeas in bloom.

Ross Fountain

The large pond at the lowest part of the quarry chasm contains the Ross Fountain.

Butchart players mangling Gilbert and Sullivan

The performance was slapstick, which I do not usually enjoy. But the Butchart Players had me laughing and singing along (not encouraged by either the troop or Evelyn) as they performed a very entertaining parody of a mixture of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.

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