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To and Across Canada

Montréal Botanical Garden

Part 2: In the Greenhouses

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

Each of the public greenhouses in the Montréal Botanical Garden has its main planting area down the center of the long axis, flanked by paved walks. Narrower planting areas are between the walks and the walls. At the end of each path, a door connects to a path in the next greenhouse.

greenhouse floor plan

tree ferns

Tree ferns in the topical greenhouse.

We also saw orchids in bloom and many bromeliads.

sign: 'Garden of Weedlessness'

I could not resist taking a photograph of these signs. Then I discovered how to have such a garden.


Bonsai, growing in individual pots with almost microscopic care, have no weeds.

Evelyn taking notes among the succulents

Evelyn wrote continuously during our trip (here in the cactus and succulent greenhouse). I teased her about her note-taking during the trip. However, I relied on her notes while preparing these Web pages.


I won't have cactus in my own garden, but nevertheless they still fascinate me.


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