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Sun Yat-Sen Garden, Vancouver

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

interior of main reception building

The main reception building. All buildings in the Garden were constructed using traditional Chinese methods, with hand-hewn timbers and other woodwork. No nails were used, only pegs, mortise-and-tenon, tongue-and-groove, etc. Without weather stripping, the doors are weather tight.

looking through Garden's moon gate to the Park

A view of the Sun Yat-Sen Park from the Garden through a moon gate. The large building in the background is a commercial building beyond the Park.

lilies and turtle

Lilies blooming in the pond. Notice the turtle — a sign of good luck — just below and to the right of the center.

David and Evelyn

Facing the Garden, Evelyn and I are standing on a bridge over a passage in the pond between the Park and the Garden.

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