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To and Across Canada

Across Canada by Train — Leg 1: Vancouver to Saskatoon

Part 2: Lake Louise to Saskatoon

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

train station at Lake Louise

While stopped at this picturesque log train station at Lake Louise, we could not see the lake or any of the large resort hotels.

eagle or osprey nest on utility pole

We saw several nests on abandoned utility poles. I also saw the owners of some nests — including this one — but I could not tell if they were eagles or ospreys.

snowy peak

A mountain with snow — in August.

Banff station

The train stopped for only a few minutes at the station in Banff. Only those passengers ticketed for Jasper and who had plans to take a bus from there to Banff were allowed off.

Edmonton station

This station in Edmonton was the end of the detour, being a station on the originally planned route. We got off the train from Vancouver and waited for this train — with two locomotives, the train we should have had since the beginning — to be supplied before we could board.

cattle on the plains of Saskatchewan

Leaving Edmonton and the province of Alberta, we also left the mountains and entered the plains.

large round bales of hay

We saw no houses or other buildings, just flat fields. These large, round bales of hay might be more efficient to form than the traditional small, rectangular bales. On the other hand, I cannot picture someone working alone tossing it onto the back of a pickup truck or into a horse corral.

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