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To and Across Canada

Across Canada by Train — Leg 2: Saskatoon to Montréal

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

field of sunflowers

A field of sunflowers, grown for cooking oil.

The horizontal streaks are utility lines that parallel the tracks.


View of Winnipeg (Manitoba) from the train.

Notice the railroad-style hotel just to the right of the middle of the photgraph.

birch forest

A birch forest near the train tracks.

As with the photograph of the sunflower field, the horizontal streaks near the bottom are utility lines that parallel the tracks.

Evelyn in a train corridor

Evelyn is walking towards me in a corridor on the train. If you ever see a movie or TV show with a scene on a train, do not believe it if two people pass each other in a corridor. The only places where we could pass were either in the vestibule between two rail cars or in the corner formed where a corridor makes a turn.


We passed along several rivers and lakes, all heavily forested.

forested island in a lake

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