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Theme Font & Size Changer — Automatic Expiration Disabled

Copyright © 2017 by David E. Ross

I modified the Theme Font & Size Changer 50.0 extension on the site to eliminate automatic expiration. The extension's developer claims that a GPL 3.0 license controls the rights to this extension; and I attempted to comply with the terms of that license, especially §5 ("Conveying Modified Source Versions"); since the .xpi file is the only source with which I worked, I do not feel §6 ("Conveying Non-Source Forms") applies.

I successfully tested the modified version in SeaMonkey 2.46 and Thunderbird 45.6.0 to the extent of installing it and using it. I make no warranty that it is error-free.

This is effectively an unsigned version and thus cannot be installed for Firefox. Thus, the "fx" has been removed from the .xpi file-name. When Mozilla finally mandates only WebExtensions to the exclusion of prior extensions, I have no plans to create a new WebExtension version. Before that dreaded time, I will update this only when needed for compatibility or new features in the expiring version.

The modified version will be identified in the Addons Manager as Theme Font & Size Changer noexpire 50.0.

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4 January 2017

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