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Cooking with David

A Microwave Oven

Copyright © 2006 by David E. Ross

We bought a microwave oven in 1986. We chose a counter-top unit large enough to hold one of my wife's Pyrex roasting pans. It does not have a turntable; such a feature could not be used with the large rectangular pans we sometimes use. It does have a temperature probe.

Our oven has been repaired several times. We can't replace it because we can no longer find an oven that size with its features.

Many people use microwave ovens merely to pop corn, defrost packaged dinners, and reheat left-overs. My wife uses ours to brown meat for lasagna, using a plastic colander over a shallow bowl to allow the fat to drain away. Then she bakes the lasagna in the microwave. Fresh vegetables — asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, etc — cook very well in the microwave, remaining crisp in texture and bright in color. With the probe, my wife can cook a triangle-tip roast so that the inside is perfect even if the outside does not brown.

Our microwave oven is equipment for cooking real meals, not merely for snacks.

22 September 2006

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