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Frauds and Hoaxes

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An act intended to deceive or trick; trickery intended to gain an advantage
A criminal act that is a hoax deliberately intended to harm a victim or to obtain money or other valuables from the victim by deceptive means.

NOTE: There are many, many new frauds and hoaxes every week. I am not trying to catalogue them all. In these Web pages, I merely describe those that have been attempted against me or against those who have sought my personal opinion. You will also find guidance on identifying hoaxes.

Fraud Alerts

Recognizing and Responding to Hoaxes

Online Hoaxes: Virus Warnings

Other Online Hoaxes


These links provide information about fraud and how to file complaints against those who commit this crime:

These links provide authoritative information about computer viruses and other security vulnerabilities:

The following links describe virus hoaxes and how to detect them:

And these links describe and analyze urban legends:

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