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The Traveler's Lament

Hotels and Restaurants

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After some 40 years of business travel (on and off, not continuous), I developed some ideas about what is good and bad about hotel accommodations. My thoughts were confirmed by my 2003 trip to and across Canada and later personal travel.


Generally, a hotel accommodation consists of only two rooms: the bedroom and the bathroom. Here are some comments about both.



While you generally spend much more time in the bedroom, bathroom deficiencies seem to be much more annoying.

Business Center

Under various names, business centers have become more common in both hotels and motels. In some cases, a large room is set aside for this purpose; in other cases, it's merely a corner of the lobby.


As with hotels, I have some comments about restaurants, too.

NOTE: My use of "waiter" and "busboy" is intended to be non-gender specific. To me, there are female waiters and busboys.

Updated 23 September 2018

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