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Oak Park Census Data

Copyright © 2011, 2012 by David E. Ross

The following tabulation contains data from the U.S. census for 2010 and from survey samples by the U.S. Census Bureau for census tracts 74.03, 74.05, and 74.06 in Ventura County, California.

Item Tract 74.03Tract 74.05 Tract 74.06Total
Median age41.842.041.5~41.8
Children (age less than 18)26%26%27%26%
Seniors (age 65 or greater)9%9%6%9%
Average household size2.
Racial and ethnic minorities18%16%17%17%
Employment and Economics
Number of residents who commute to work (age 16+)3,4142,0173,6199,050
Median one-way commuting time (min)31273632
Spend 45 or more minutes commuting one-way19%19%22%20%
Median household income$111,513$95,691$109,256 ~$107,550
Households with income less than $30,00010%7%4%8%
Households with income greater than $100,00060%59%62%60%
Households with income greater than $200,00013%23%38%21%
Owner-occupied homes75%76%72%75%
Educational attainments of adults (age 25+)
High school graduates18%25%21%22%
Some college without degree29%29%26%29%
Associate degree6%8%7%7%
Bachelor's degree27%17%21%22%
Graduate or professional degree14%6%17%11%
All degrees47%31%44%40%

Changes Since 2000

Since the 2000 census, the following changes are noted:

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