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To and Across Canada

Mosaïculture International Exhibition, Montréal

Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; The Quebec Garden, Quebec; and Metz, France

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

God of Sleep

Athens, Greece: Hypnos, God of Sleep, Master of Dreams

Evelyn and the Mouth of Truth

Rome, Italy: The Mouth of Truth

According to legend, if you tell a lie while your hand is in the mouth, the mouth will bite off your hand. I asked Evelyn a personal question. I know her answer was truthful. Then I put my hand in the mouth while Evelyn asked me a question about us. I refused to answer, which created some frost on an otherwise hot and humid day.

The Legend of Mother Earth

The Quebec Garden, Quebec: The Legend of Mother Earth The Legend of Mother Earth

On the left, the bird in the foreground (in the canal spillway) is one of several Canada geese, part of this entry. In that same photograph, note the grain elevator in the background.

Metz, France:
On the bank of the spillway: The Legend of the Graouilly
Above bank of the spillway: Inspiring Cathedrals

Legend of the Graouilly Legend of the Graouilly

The Legend of the Graouilly received the Grand Prize (Grand Prix díHonneur) for two-dimensional entries. This entry was the longest and could be properly seen only from across the spillway. Inspiring Cathedrals is only slightly shorter. In the upper photograph (which shows the left end of the entries), note the Canada geese from The Legend of Mother Earth.

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