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To and Across Canada

Parc Mont-Royal, Montréal

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

view to south

In this view to the south from the Parc Mont-Royal bus stop, the St. Lawrence River is visible on the left. Montréal's main commercial area is in the center.

Evelyn and I

Evelyn and I are standing at the Parc Mont-Royal bus stop with a view to the east behind us.

Old Montréal

In this view to the east, the white dome off in the haze (a little right of center) is Montréal's Olympic stadium. The green streak to the left of the dome is the Montréal Botanical Garden. Unlike the previous photograph with Evelyn and me, this was taken higher on the mountain after we climbed the eight flights of stairs.

looking down the stairs

It's a very long way down the stairs.

Evelyn on stairs

On the way down, Evelyn stopped at the bottom of each flight to record the number of steps in her journal.

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