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To and Across Canada

Montréal Botanical Garden

Part 1: The Outdoor Gardens

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

bog garden

The beds of the bog garden are approximately at ground level, each bed in a separate concrete tub. Because many bog plants tend to be low growing, the walkways are below ground level so that visitors can get a close look.


Lotus (Nelumbium) blooming in the bog garden.

Evelyn with bonsai

This bonsai was outdoors. We also saw bonsai in the greenhouses.

Peace Bell

The Peace Bell is at the edge of the Japanese Garden.

koi in Japanese pond

The central feature of the Japanese Garden is a large pond. Here we see a koi swimming among the water lilies.

Japanese pond

A narrow, white beach is at the left of the pond in the Japanese Garden.

Japanese pond

The pond seen from another side.

Here, the beach seen in the previous photograph is at the right. That previous photograph was taken from a path along the hill in the upper right of this photograph.

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