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To and Across Canada

Botanical Gardens at the University of California Berkeley
and My Brother Chases a Goose

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

I enjoy visiting gardens. Besides the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, we visited gardens in Victoria, Vancouver, and Montréal.

cacti and succulents at UCB

Succulents and cacti in the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden.

Evelyn, me, and Mark in front of Japanese pond at UCB

From left to right: Evelyn, me, and my brother Mark.
In the background is the Japanese pond in the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden.
My ever-present Tilley hat is on a rock in the lower-right.

staghorn ferns at UCB

Staghorn ferns in a greenhouse in the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. Mark has a staghorn about as nice as these in his house.

Mark chases a goose

Unfortunately, I just could not get a photograph of Mark doing the "Groucho walk" with a goose in the same picture. When we returned home, we saw several newspaper articles about how urban geese (which no longer migrate) have become pests as serious as pigeons and rats.

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