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To and Across Canada

A Morning Walk in Saskatoon

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

University Bridge

The University of Saskatchewan is not far from the University Bridge, on the other side of the Saskatchewan River.

floral landscape adopted by the Kiwanis Club

Much of the north bank of the Saskatchewan River — at least between the University and Broadway Bridges — has been developed as a park (except for the grounds of the Delta Bessborough Hotel). Portions have been adopted by local organizations, such as this section, which the local Kiwanis Club dedicated as a memorial to local Canadians who lost their lives in the service of their nation. Elsewhere along this bank, organizations and individuals paid for dedicatory plaques on park benches.

Delta Bessborough Hotel

The Delta Bessborough Hotel was originally completed in 1935. The Saskatchewan River curves slightly. Thus, while the hotel is right on the river bank, the high-rise towers behind it are a block or two from the river bank.

a memorial fountain

This fountain is another memorial in the river bank park.

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