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To and Across Canada

Western Development Museum, Saskatoon

Part 2: Old tractor and street scenes

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

old tractors

These old tractors were going to be used as scrap and melted down to make armaments during World War II. Many had been abandoned still in working condition during the Great Depression. Concerned farmers in Saskatchewan rescued a number of them, and they eventually became part of the museum's collection.

old street scene

This is a mock-up of a street scene in Saskatchewan in the early 20th century. The entire museum is indoors, even this scene; the lighting resembles nighttime.

horse-drawn fire pumper

Evelyn admires a horse drawn, steam powered fire pumper.

Evelyn and I in old car

This car is intended for museum visitors to sit and have their pictures taken. We could not drive off because we both intentionally left our driver's licenses back home.

I'm in the museum jail

One of the buildings along the main street was the office of the Northwest Mounted Police (now called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Inside, was a jail where visitors could have their pictures taken. Heather thought I never looked better.

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