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To and Across Canada

Aboard the Hovercraft "Victoria Clipper 4"
From Seattle to Victoria

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

The trip took approximately three hours. Because of fog at the north end of Puget Sound, the hovercraft could not maintain its top speed through the entire trip.

leaving Seattle

View from the hovercraft as we pull away from Pier 69.

out on Puget Sound

Farther out onto Puget Sound, the boat picked up speed. Note the wake on the right.

shore of Victoria

As we approach Victoria, a view through the boat's bow railing.

'Victoria Clipper 4' docked in Victoria

Because everyone rushed to board in Seattle, I was unable to get a photo there. At Victoria, everyone then rushed to clear Canadian customs and immigration, giving me a chance to take this picture of the "Victoria Clipper 4". Unlike our later trip from Victoria to Vancouver, this is a passenger-only ferry.

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