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To and Across Canada

Across Canada by Train — Leg 1: Vancouver to Saskatoon

Part 1: Vancouver almost to Lake Louise

Copyright © 2003 by David E. Ross

These photographs cover the period 1-3 August. Identification is only minimal because even the train crew had little experience along this route. Most of the photographs were taken while on the train, which explains some color distortion and reflections.

train Canadian at Vancouver station

The lounge car of our train, at the Vancouver train station.

a railway bridge not far out of Vancouver

I can't remember if we were about to cross this bridge (just outside Vancouver) or had just finished crossing it.

trees and mountains

Trees and mountains after we began our grand detour.

river along railroad tracks

Much of our route paralleled this river. (If anyone knows the name, please let me know.) A highway also followed our route (partially visible in the upper center).

entering Connaught Tunnel

Entering the Connaught Tunnel, which was the longest rail tunnel in North America when it was first cut.

a stream plunges down the side of the mountain wildflowers along the tracks

We saw many small streams cascading down the cliffs into the river that wound along our route. Sometimes the wildflowers were so striking that they made me forget I had a camera.


A mountain with a small village of cabins at its base.

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