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Cooking with David


Copyright © 2006 by David E. Ross

Where my recipes call for herbs, the following are supposed to be fresh unless otherwise specified:

Except for the garlic, all of these grow in my garden, the basil and dill growing only in the late spring and summer.

With some adjustments, dried herbs can be substituted. First of all, dried herbs may take less space than fresh; so measurements may have to be reduced, sometimes to a third (1 TBS of fresh oregano might be reduced to 1 tsp of dried). However, drying sometimes reduces the flavor; so the reduction might not be as much as thought. Only experimenting in your own kitchen with your own source of herbs can resolve this. It is best to start experimenting with too little seasoning than with too much. Too little seasoning might make a recipe too bland, but too much seasoning might make it inedible.

To peel garlic, I've heard of placing the flat of a knife blade on top of a clove and pressing down, slightly mashing the clove. I merely hit the clove without any knife between it and my fist. With either method, the peel comes loose quite easily.

If the garlic is going into a blender or food processor, I first dice it with a sharp knife. Garlic can be somewhat fibrous and will not otherwise be cut up by the blender or food processor.

23 September 2006
Updated 3 December 2006

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