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Garden Experiences: Public Gardens

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I "collect" public gardens. I enjoy visiting them and seeing what plants they have that I have. Sometimes I compare what plants they have that won't grow in my climate or what plant I have that they have to grow under glass. I feel a thrill when I find a rose variety far from home that is blooming in my own garden.

Here (in random order) are some public gardens I have visited.

In 2003, my wife Evelyn and I made a train trip to and across Canada. On the way we visited several gardens.

In 2012, my wife and I went on a river cruise through central Europe, from Budapest, up the Danube, down the Rhine, to Amsterdam. While on that cruise, I managed to visit two gardens in Germany that were listed in a news article as among the "top 10" of UNESCO "world heritage gardens".

A cruise on the River Seine in France in 2016 included side trips to two very special gardens.