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I Support Net Neutrality

Copyright © 2017 by David E. Ross

My Web site is a personal effort. This is NOT a commercial Web site. I do not have any advertisements on this site. I make no money from this Web site. I pay all the costs — Web hosting, electricity for my PC, et cetera — out of my own pocket without any donations from others.

I pay my ISP (Internet service provider) to host and deliver my Web pages, but I do not pay other ISPs to receive my Web pages on your behalf. After all, there are many ISPs across the United States and many, many more around the world. No individual Web creator has the resources to pay all of them to handle Web pages.

Net neutrality provides that your browser can download pages from my Web site as quickly as you can get Google, Amazon, Reuters News, Weather Channel, and other Web sites. Without net neutrality, not only would your ISP be able to slow down my site because I do not pay them; but also your ISP could even block my Web site because I wrote something nasty about them.

I ask you to contact your Representative and Senators in Congress to support net neutrality. Do so NOW via their E-mail links.

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12 July 2017

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