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David E. Ross

Odds and Ends,

where I index my miscellaneous Web pages.


Frauds and Hoaxes


Escaped Characters, those little symbols that appear in documents and Web pages without appearing on your keyboard

Donate a Car?: Non-Cash Donations to Charity

A Shipment to My Daughter

The Euro Symbol, which I have installed on my PC

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

Certified and Registered Mail: Is It Always Necessary?

My Complaint Against the ACM

Malaprops and Other Writing Problems

To and Across Canada, an adventure

Why NOT Road Rage?

The Traveler's Lament

U.S. Tax Reform

Rescuing Social Security

Your Call Is Important to Us (Oh, Yeah?)

Cooking with David

Ross: My Name and My Family

Cleopatra (An Ancient Beauty)

Financing My Retirement

Estate Plan (Every Adult Should Have One)

Backing-Up My Computer

Theme Font & Size Changer — Automatic Expiration Disabled
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