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Cooking with David

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One look at me and you would know that I really enjoy eating. I also enjoy cooking. My wife tells me that I enjoy too much telling others about my cooking. Here is an unorganized set of notes and recipes.

Tools and Equipment

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A day without onion is a day without sunshine. The same is true of garlic.

However, the two flavors often clash. If you see a recipe that calls for both, use both without exceeding the indicated amounts of either.

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A Microwave Oven

My Barbecue

Food Processor and Blender


Grilled Asparagus


Barbecued Tri-Tip Roast

Cranberry Sauce



French Toast



London Broil

Mushroom Quesadilla


Pecan Pie: see Desserts



For Passover




Sauces and Marinades


Shish Kebab

Sourdough Bread


Turkey Piccata



Bread Crumbs

Egg Sizes


Handling Fresh Jalapeño and Other Hot Peppers Read this warning!

Olive Oil


Wine Vinegar


All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit.

Measurements are in "English" units (which even the English no longer use) not metric. The abbreviations are:

tsp = teaspoon
TBS = tablespoon (3 tsp)

I recently discovered that the measurement taza is Spanish for cup (16 TBS, which is 8 fluid ounces). The Spanish word taza is related to tazza (Italian), Tasse (German), tass (Estonian), tasse (French), and tase (Lithuanian).

Our kitchen has gas appliances. When I refer to cooking over a high or low fire, adjust an electric range accordingly. Also, an electric range might have to be preheated. When I refer to allowing food in a pot or pan to stand, that generally means that I turn the flame off; for an electric range, remove the pot or pan and place it on a heat-proof surface.

Brand Names

Some pages in this site refer to trademarked brand names. My use of those names is not an endorsement of those products. I merely refer to those products because they are so well known that the reference is descriptive. Other products may serve quite well or even better.

The trademarked products I cite include:

I do not indicate the ownership of the trademarks because, in today's business climate, corporate mergers and splitups are too common to keep track of that ownership. If a trademark owner contacts me to list that ownership, then I will do so.

23 September 2006
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