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Last updated 18 May 2017

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The date indicates when a page was uploaded to the Web server, not when the page was actually created or updated. When a new "update" entry is made in this list for a particular Web page, any prior "update" entry for that same page is deleted; "update" entries do not cause "new" entries for the same page to be deleted.

Section Page Date New/Update
Odds and Ends Theme Font & Size Changer — Automatic Expiration Disabled 18 May 17 updated
Editorials and Other Comments The Great Computer Plague of 2017 18 May 17 new
My Southern California Garden My Garden Diary 13 May 17 updated
Odds and Ends Inflation 12 May 17 updated
My Southern California Garden Loquats and Kumquats Are NOT the Same 6 May 17 new
My Southern California Garden Garden Experiences: Amaryllis 4 May 17 updated
Main Home Page 28 Apr 17 updated
Main Why This Web Site Is NOT Secure 28 Apr 17 new
Main Privacy 28 Apr 17 updated
My Southern California Garden What's Blooming in My Garden Now? 19 Apr 17 updated

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